TYNE Group Leadership Center Helping Leaders Shape Their Call

  • Happy Thanksgiving!
  • OohRah!!!! Back At It! Much To Share!

    Leaders! You know the old saying, “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade!” Well, I’m making lemonade. Leaders, one sound and solid counsel I can give….truly know who you are, despite the circumstances, know who you are and remain true to that, no matter who leaves! Semper Fi! Leaders, Lead! Larry

  • Focus Mondays

    Leaders, #focusedmondays are all about bringing your intention to have a successful week.   Leaders Lead!   Semper Fi! Larry

  • Rest, Don’t Quit

    Leaders, Rest. Take time to recharge, assess and refocus! You are invaluable to the team. So Rest, Don’t QUIT! Leaders, Lead! Semper Fi! Larry

  • Leadership Motives 

    Leaders, If  we am to lead with integrity, we must always confront our own lack of integrity. This demands a willingness to constantly reflect on our motives and the courage to confront our own hypocrisy. It also requires us to allow ourselves the discomfort of inviting the scrutiny of both the Lord and others who

  • What’s Your Leadership Style?

    Leaders, Here are some reflective questions that were asked of me during my daily devotions, I ask the same of you Reflect and Act on these questions: 1. Are you a lone-ranger leader or do you work within a leadership team? 2. Is your leadership up-close and personal or do you maintain a distance with

  • Press Through The Pressure

    Leaders, When it all seems bleak, all the people are gone, the money is all spent and your plans it appears to be failing. This is where your leadership mantle is proved.  I tell you, dear leader, stay the course. Don’t fold, buckle or give one inch. Revisit, refocus, reform. Leaders, Lead! Semper Fi, Larry

  • It’s a Head Game

    Leaders, Get out of your head and just do it!   It may not be perfect, you might not have all of the info, you have thought about it and procrastinated long enough! Go do it, adjust, then do some more! Leaders Lead! Semper Fi! Larry

  • Push Past Your Pain

    Leaders, You have to push past your pain.  As a Marine, there was times I was hurt, in excruciating pain, but the objective had not been reached, I had to reach in, grab some fortitude and push forward. That’s  what I’m advising you to do, no matter the pain, physical or mental.  No matter the

  • Continue To Work On You!

    Leaders, Continue to sharpen your skills and your mind.  Prepare for what you don’t know or can anticipate. Time will come and it will show much you have prepared. Leaders, Lead! Semper Fi! Larry